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We are not a middle man!


We are locally owned and operated - allowing us to offer TOP dollar for your junk car.

We handle every aspect of the transaction:


If your car is a late model we can offer more money as it can be used in our Full Service Used Auto Parts facility.


"It was nice to deal with one company from the quote to the payment. The process of getting rid of my old car was made very easy." - James P.

"I work different shifts all the time. TNJunkCars.com worked around my schedule to pick up my car. Their driver was very polite and was on time for our appointment. I did not have to wait around for a ½ day pick-up window." - Bryan M.

"It only took about a minute to get a quote for my car. After getting the quote we were not pressured by a lot of phone calls..." - Linda D.

"We have a local shop that ends up with all different types of cars. TNJunkcars.com was able to purchase all different types and year models of cars from us. We received $325 for a car with a lot of parts missing. We had another car that we were paid nearly $3000 and they picked them all up for free." - Bill K.